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How Using Archetypes in Your Branding Grows Your Profits

In this ebook, you’ll discover the 12 archetypes founded by Dr. Carl Jung, and how to identify your main archetype. By finding your main archetype, and expressing it in your brand, you reach the right people who need your products and services. You’ll also stand out from everyone else in your niche.

5 Easy Steps to Compelling Podcast Content for a Spiritual Audience

Your audience is looking for the content they want. If you are not producing a podcast with what they need, they will; find one that matches what they want.

While most training revolves around the technical “how to” launch your podcast, this training helps you discover how to share your wisdom with your audience in a way that is memorable, makes an impact, and forms a relationship with them so they want more.

You’re Not Just a Service Provider: You’re THE ONE Your Clients Want

Do you compare yourself to other service providers?

Do you wonder what you have to offer compared to them?

Wish you had the confidence to back up your services and pricing so that clients would see you as THE ONE?

The truth is that if they are coming to you, then you already are THE ONE. You just need the confidence to believe it in yourself.

But getting that confidence does not come at the snap of your fingers. In this training, I walk you through exercises that ground you in your values and strengths as we put those into words that will communicate exactly what you offer to your ideal clients.