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Clarity Coaching

Whatever stage you are in your business and passion projects, I help you with bi-weekly sessions to maintain your focus and get things done. Our sessions are based on what you need at the moment and help you get clarity, overcome roadblocks, set up tech, or complete anything needed to move your project forward. I offer a blend of experience from my marketing background and coaching to uncover anything stopping you in the moment so that you can finally launch.

Done-With-You Sessions

Done-with-you sessions help you learn as you work with me on what you need at the moment. It could be copywriting, landing page design, email autoresponders, or even building your website. Our sessions use our time to focus on what will help you complete your projects. In between our sessions, you can ask questions. The whole goal is to go from being stuck to moving forward in your passion project.

5 Elements Coaching

For clients who enjoy experiential techniques such as art, dance, music, and healing to overcome fears and gain the unstoppable mindset, then the 5 Elements Coaching is for you. Using the 5 elements, you can see what is missing in your business and where your strengths pull you forward in your passion projects.