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Let's Grow Your Business Together
I’m glad that you want to know more about the done-with-you services Clarity Clicks has to offer you. Having worked in digital marketing since 2006 for a variety of businesses, I offer what you need at the moment to help any level of business during any situation.

Whether you are just starting or want to tweak the conversions on your launch campaign, I help by working alongside you to make it happen.

While you tell me your goals, we look at sales pages, copy, your customer experience, technical deliverability, and more to solve the issues you’re facing and finally get your product, service, or even website launched.

We work together to finally complete any projects you have that are unfinished or that you’ve always wanted to complete, but haven’t started. Through 1 session or a series of sessions, we can tackle the projects you’ve put off and finally get them ready to launch.

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What I Help With

Affiliate Marketing


Business Operations

Business Model

Conversion Optimization



Customer Journey


Email Marketing

Launch Strategy


Paid Ads


Product Development



Social Media

Video Marketing

Web Design

How We Work Together

This part is up to you. If you only have a few things we need to tackle, then 1 session may work best for you. If you have a launch, an email series, a new product, or want to streamline your business, then we will need a few sessions to work together.

How We Meet:

We meet through Zoom on virtual video and can screen share anything we need to get things done.

How Long Are the Sessions:

The sessions are 50 minutes long.

How Long Should We Work Together:

I have a few different options available. We can knock out your project in a half-day VIP session. Or we can work together over a few sessions to get things done. It depends on the timing and stage of where you are at in the process with your passion project.

Are you just starting?
We may need a few sessions to find out your business model, what products or services you’re creating, or you may already have those and need a marketing or social media plan. We can then work on the roadmap to get you set up on social media and creating posts consistently.

Are you launching something?
If you’re needing a full launch plan and work to help you with pages, copy, delivery, and tech set up, we will likely need a few sessions to work together to get every moving piece set up and ready to go.

Are you tweaking something?
If you need a landing page tweaked or copy rewritten in your store, we can work together in a session to do that. In 1 session, I can help you optimize at least 1 page for conversion or SEO, help make your page convert better, and work on helping you with product creation or any other smaller focused projects.

Step By Step Work Together

You can pay expensive freelancers to write copy for you, help you brand your site according to how they see it, or design for you. But, if you need to pivot quickly, you have no time to wait for their work.

And it can be expensive. One page of copywriting is $75 and up. Branding often costs at least $50 for a logo and more if you want a branding style guide book. Design can also be expensive, especially if you require several web elements, ebook style, and more.

It can also take a lot of time, trial and error, and intensive hours researching, learning, and searching for the right way to set things up. Do you have a lot of time to spend on it?

If not, then let’s work together. You can pick my brain for the best solutions to get your digital marketing set up quickly…

…And not have to waste countless hours learning and doing it on your own.

We work together step by step.

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How Much Is It Worth To You?

  • Instead of paying a designer $1,500 for a custom website design…
  • And development to code and install your theme…. $800
  • Plus, to have a copywriter write your website copy… $500 per page for landing pages (base price)
  • And to have the web developer add your copy to the pages … $80 per page
  • Have a designer create your logo… $450
  • Hire a company to add SEO to your site… $800+
  • Get a conversion optimization expert to help you with your landing page… $400

The cost would be over $4,500 and we haven’t even gotten into the marketing plan, social media, or affiliate marketing yet to get traffic to your website.

Plus, working with web designers, developers, SEOs, marketing experts, and virtual assistants take time.

Why not get it all done and ready? In our sessions, we can even work on creating outlines and checklists of your business processes to ensure a smooth transition for your VA or marketing expert, designer, or web developer.

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