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Somewhere Deep Down, You Think You're Being Nice... But

What you are really doing is feeding a system that isn’t working for you. By putting your passion projects on hold, you may be nice to others…

But what about yourself?

Putting off your passion projects to find favor with other people only provides short term benefits.

It’s time to think long term and embrace your vision for your life instead of spinning your wheels day in and day out.


Stop floundering in your goals. I’m here to align your business with your intuition to set you on the path to make it a success according to what you want.

As you move through working with me at Clarity Clicks, you get more clarity into who you are and how to create your passion projects into a business that supports you.

That includes what you want in your lifestyle, how you want to set up your schedule, and what products or services YOU want to sell. The answer starts within you. Let’s get started.

Get Back To Your Passion Projects

It Starts With You

Start with mindset if you have negative thoughts about pursuing your passion project. You can also choose to jump right into creating products and marketing your business. Aligning your mindset will help you overcome fear and any lingering doubt that you can succeed in your business. Designing what you want helps you think about the overall business model you’re pursuing and design it around your strengths, which not only helps you succeed, but also doesn’t wear down your energy. Taking action gives you the ways to make your products, website, and services live in the world and attract your ideal customers.

Align Your Mindset

If you need that little nudge to move forward in your passion projects, start here.



Design What You Want

And planning the steps to achieve it. Once you design your roadmap, you can more easily step forward.



Take Action

Once you have the alignment and clarity of your design, you can easily move forward to make it happen.




“She grew our local marketing leads by 40% with content marketing for our law firm.”

Shaun Murphy – Lawyer

“She has the ability to intuitively know what is needed. Gabrielle has the golden touch of the angels in her ability to communicate. She has been supporting us as we grew into a multi-6 figure business and now laying the foundation for 7-figures and beyond!! She is an angel that will listen deeply and speak directly about what she sees needs to be done. There are few people that are easier to work with in the world than Gabrielle. You can trust that she is of the deepest integrity.”

Daniel Hanneman, Founder of Your Sacred Purpose

“We operate solely on pay-per-click advertising to sell our seasonal products. Gabby has consistently gotten us leads and sales even though our website is non-ecommerce based. We still sell more than our competitors.”

Jerry, Rapid Cool Business Owner

Gabrielle is an outstanding writer and social media expert. She completely re-organized my social media presence and grew my fan base considerably. Plus, she is a great writer who could connect with my client base just as well if not better than I could. I give her my highest levels of recommendations. Please feel free to contact me if you’d like more information about this talented person.

Lynne Klippel. Business Building Books

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